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Evergence 02 Dying LightKind once and for allOnly one woman can stop them renegade intelligence agent Morgan Roc. This series is well written with great characters I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and this second one continued the story uite nicely There wasn't uite as much action in this one but of the story unfolds and uestions are answered There are a couple of hints at Morgan's background and I really hope is uncovered in the third book I am thankful for the glossary at the end of the book as there is a lot to keep track of I can't wait to get into the third book now

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Evergence 02 Dying Light Review È 102 ¾ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Evergence 02 Dying Light By Sean Williams ➩ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk In a universe where Earth no longer exists the remnants of humanity survive in space stations and starships Now an army of genetically enhanced warriors is sent to destroy mankind once and forIn a universe where Earth no longer exists the remnants of humanity survive in space st. The Dying Light picked up right where The Prodigal Sun left off with the same gusto and the air of mystery and suspense The 2nd book in the Evergence Trilogy by Sean Williams and Shane Dix continues to expand the futuristic universe as the conseuences continue to grow larger and the mystery deeper Following the trail of the generically enhanced warrior the plot flows smoothly onwards getting straight into the action While the first book feel like a action thriller movie the 2nd book feels like an investigative mystery and action movie as the party try and uncover the events that took place in the Palasian system a solar system mush like our own The team led by Morgan Roach the protagonist encounters experimental technology as they explore new worlds meet different species and castes and ultimately stumble onto a plot with implications that is truly of a galactic scale Much like the 1st book The Dying Light does not shy away from hard theoretical science and space themes In fact it is this point that drew me into the book One idea in particular is the concept of open ended hyperspace where one does not exist in normal space but is very much still physically present The Dying Light is action packed featuring many exciting scenes ranging from melee fighting seuences to large space battles Coupled with the plot creating an aura that is similar to a crime scene investigation the book continues to throw the reader off centre with twists and surprises when least expected In addition to the amazing theories and intriguing history I was impressed with the descriptions of the planets and environments in the book just enough to spark an image in your mind and provoke wonder without getting in the way of the action and the fast paced story Again similar to the first book it is written in the perspective of two different characters changing at key points of the story where eventually they both collide at the climax Only this time the story appears slightly abstract and took a lot thought to grasp The readers are introduced to several new characters while all the favourite central characters from the first book return Unfortunately not all of them take the front stage and some are left in the background One of the new central characters include a person from Morgan's past While this turn of event certainly brings about an extra layer of complexity and emotion to the book the character himself does not radiate or incite enough interest Indeed I was mostly disappointed with the new characters and yearned for some of the old ones to come back and take centre stage Overall this is a exciting seuel that continues to excite readers with mystery a few very much unexpected twists and plenty of action If you enjoyed The Prodigal Sun you'll certainly love this book Again I cannot wait to get stuck into the 3rd book in the series A Dark Imbalance

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Ations and starships Now an army of genetically enhanced warriors is sent to destroy man. Galactic mystery plot The story continues from where the first book left off While in the previous one the action was mostly limited to one planet now the setting is a whole system which is strangely trapped in a hyperspace bubble The worldbuilding is fun in a sort of vintage style with a vast canvas in both space and time This is a milieu without aliens only different castes derived from common human stock I had the thought that this might have been a choice to facilitate a possible screen adaptationas one of the castes reminded me of a warrior race in a popular TV franchise Anyway I plan to find out of the mystery in the next volume