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SummertideAnd would do anything to get there And Councilor Julius Graves was hunting murderers if they were hiding on uake he needed no one's permission to search for themPlanetary Administrators Hans Rebka and Max Perry had no choice but to go to uake themselves risking their lives to protect the others and to learn just maybe the secret of Summertide and the Builder. Sheffield seems to have a uiet reputation as a hard sf author publishing regularly in Analog in the late 70s and 80s Although he doesn’t come up too much any in discussions of the field that could be my own echo chamber I was intrigued by this and spent a few weeks looking into his work seeking out something to try Unfortunately Summertide didn’t work for me I can try to work out what was there what I like and what I didn’t likeBut I still can’t figure out why it took me a week to read a 250 page paperback This was the first book in a series called Heritage which is lauded as one of his lasting achievements The central plot device was the catastrophic effects of a tidally locked planet duringsummertide This conceit is used like a hangin carrot for the reader many characters continuously warning about it These passing comments did not create the high stakes effect for me it was going for Perhaps I didn’t feel for the characterThere were a handful of them all with their own motives down on this planet uake The final climax seemed easy dialed in The space opera dressing was there with distant humans on the arm of the a spiral galaxy The alien’s sense functionality was interesting although it still didn’t make them “alien” enough for me I appreciate that they needed a “translator” The whole ancient artifact thing really got my attention and I thoroughly enjoyed how this was treated in in the text Chapters alternated with entries from a scientific catalog each artifact from the vanished alien race This has narrative echoes throughout the whole book It made for some wonder and speculation and got points with me for creative textual treatmentThere is evidence that Sheffield or this particular series of books has some influence on other hard sf authors I recall some particular things here done better in Alastair Reynolds In this series humans leaving earth and colonizing space is known as The Expansion It is could be easily suggested that this gave a spark to the name of the James SA Corey projectUnderneath the BDO trope space opera scope and the treatment of science as plausible grounds for how the universe in Summertide operates there remains a pulp adventure core to this I can dig that For what that is this book was not bad For me it lacked that wide wonder of Banks’ Culture or the atmosphere of Revelation SpaceMaybe I’ll continue the series Please fight me I am open to suggestions of Sheffield’s work

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To be prohibited but some very insistent travelers were determined to make the trip Professor Darya Lang who had made a career studying artifacts left by the long vanished aliens called the Builders had a hunch that during this unusual Summertide she might find the Builders themselves Louis Nenda and the Cecropian Atvar H'sial had their own interests in uake. A wonderful example of hard science fiction Fascinating galactic artifacts left by long vanished builders Humans and convincing aliens working side by side I look forward to reading Sheffield

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Summertide characters ´ 107 ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Summertide Author Charles Sheffield – It was just before Summertide the time when the twin planets Opal and uake would orbit closest to their sun subjecting both—but uake in particular— to vast tidal forces And it was to be the most v It was just beforeIt was just before Summertide the time when the twin planets Opal and uake would orbit closest to their sun subjecting both but uake in particular to vast tidal forces And it was to be the most violent Summertide ever due to the Grand Conjunction of the system's stars and planets something that happened only everyyearsAccess to the unstable uake was supposed. Summertide 1990 281 pages by Charles SheffieldBook one of the Heritage Universe This felt like a standalone novel so you don't have to feel cheated if you can't find the rest of the books In this universe there are clades groups of planets settled under one hierarchy There is the fourth Alliance Cecropian space the Zardalu communion and between them the poor planets of Phemus Circle Spread throughout the spiral arm of the galaxy are builder artifacts Most of these are enigmatic millions of years old and the builders themselves nowhere to be found Hans Rebka is all set to explore Paradox when he gets orders to go to the Dobelle system and find out what has happened to Max Perry The Dobelle system is made up of two stars Mandel and Amaranth tidally locked planets Opal and uake and a gas giant Gargantua Summertide happens during syzygy and the upcoming summertide will have all the bodies in line and at nearest approachRebka gets to Opal and finds four applications to visit uake All wanting to visit at summertide when uake will be uninhabitable due to the tidal forcesThere are a varied assortment of characters Atvar H'sial a Cecropian which are blind and see only by echolocation and communicate with pheromones She has brought along the Lo'tfian J'merlia as a translator Louis Nenda from the Zardalu communion where biological science has gone further forward than the physical sciences He brought his pet hymenopt Killik Professor Darya Lang a specialist in builder artifacts from the Fourth Alliance Councilor Julias Graves with his mission to find a pair of suspected murderers Along with Rebka and PerrySheffield tantalizes us with some tidbits about the builders' artifacts but the story is really how these eight ten with the Carmel twins interact the adventure of trying to move from place to place on the inhospitable and often dangerous planets of uake and Opal and what is going to happen at SummertideLots of good characters action and he's vague enough with the orbital mechanics that we can't really uestion the science