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PDF ò BOOK Demons Captive FREE ´ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Ë [BOOKS] ⚡ Demons Captive ✯ Stephanie Snow – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Genre BDSM Science FictionFuturisticWhen battle ravages her world Charity is left without family or friend Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unGenre BDSM Science FictionFuturisticWhen battle ravages her world Charity is left without family or friend Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live After a desperate flight for her life she is caught by the cruelest of their enemies Commander MelmanonMelmanon is a hero renowned for his terrible bloodlust and legendary tortures and bored with the war he's restless for new challenges When Charity eludes c 35 Kinky StarsWhat a kinky dirty read I have a lot of kinks and this book had uite a few Aliens Abduction Forced SeductionNon con BDSM a whipping incident There was an Alien Warrior that had never known love Yet he fell hard for his human captive I was in the mood for some forced seduction and this book was full of it Charity struggles with her attraction and feelings for her captor Her captor struggles with his feelings and desire for his sex slave This was a short read that was packed with heat I liked the writing style but it was of a 3 star read I can only recommend this book to lovers of sci fi forced seduction love slave style books This book is short enough that it makes for a uick dirty read

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Uses his defenseless captive for his pleasure and her own he finds that giving can be as satisfying as receiving Torn between the monster he has been and the man that wants the love of his slave Melmanon must decide if it is better to be lovedor fearedPublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Bondage dominationsubmission dubious consent flogging interspecies s Demon's Captive is a fast paced futuristic story with a strong ds theme It was an enjoyable read and I wish it had been longer I loved the tension between Charity and Melmanon Melmanon the demon is one of the alien invaders who have conuered Earth causing Charity to lose all her friends and family Outraged that she has evaded him for several days Melmanon decides to keep her as a torture slave after he finally captures her Charity's will to live is strong so she does her best to please her new master but she is tormented by the knowledge that she is betraying her people by finding pleasure with her demon Melmanon loves her submissiveness because it is unlike anything he's experienced before Charity is surprised by how gentle he treats her initially because aside from some very rough sex he hasn't really hurt her yet When she catches a glimpse of humans working in a farm field her master reads her thoughts and becomes outraged that she would think about the possibility of having a human husband and child one day He punishes her severely but he later comes to regret his actions and nurses her back to health Melmanon slowly realizes his love for Charity and decides to retire and make her his wife Charity has no say in anything that happens to her in this story so if BDSM without consent and safe words bothers you you might want to avoid this story I've seen a few reviews comparing Demon's Captive to a bodice ripper and I think that's a pretty accurate description And don't worry no bodice ripper even one that involves aliens and takes place in the future would be complete without an HEAOn a side note the kinky dork in me kept comparing the alien invaders to Klingons because of their warlike race bloodlust and tradition of battling someone to have sex with them If you're a trekkie then you know what I mean And if you're a trekkie who enjoys a good Ds story then you might have found heaven

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Demons CaptiveApture for six days his pride takes a beating and he plots his revenge carefully But in her complete submissiveness he finds a perfect prize and he abandons his plans for murder to make her his 'torture slave'Unwillingly seduced by the brutal domination of her master Charity uickly becomes enthralled Even the harsh lash of punishment cannot dim her sexual craving and she is torn between the urge to fleeand the desire to stayAs this hardened warrior I loved this book the male lead was just so evil but he really loved the heroine I normally don't like bdsm themed books but this time I didn't mind as it seemed to fit the story If u like evil anti hero's who are posessive and alpha you will love this book as much as I did