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review A Noble Radiance Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB · ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ A Noble Radiance By Donna Leon ⚣ – Donna Leon é uma veterana do policial e das edições da Presença recebendo do público português a mesma aclamação de países como a Itália o Reino Unido a Áustria ou a AlemanhaO dos Lorenzoni não lhe restam muitas dúvidas uanto à identidade do morto Mas o ue Brunetti irá descobrir tem uma natureza muito mais sinistra do ue poderia suspeitar Um policial empolgante com uma forte mensagem social ue evoca a atmosfera do submundo da corrupção e da intriga política de uma das mais fascinantes cidades da Euro. This is #7 in Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti series For me they just keep getting better and better all the time In this book Brunetti finds resolution to a kidnapping that happened two years previously He digs into the past and present of a well known Venice family making his usual intimate disturbances along the way so that he find justice for the long dead RobertoAnother Goodreads member reviewed this book saying that many people who read Donna Leon find her books slow paced and the plot often staticI totally agree with him Donna Leon novels are not fast paced and they lack what many people want in a bookconstant action But they have something to me that is much important when reading any bookthe ability to make me think I adore sitting down with one of Leon's books and submerging myself in the life of Brunettithe way he thinks what he feels his strength of character to uphold morals and justice at the cost of himself feeling uncomfortable and making other people uestion their own humanity

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Desenrola em Veneza assistimos à vida dos Lorenzoni ensombrados pelo desaparecimento trágico há cerca de dois anos do seu filho único e herdeiro do império da família uando Brunetti fica a saber ue junto ao cadáver encontrado na antiga uinta a cem uilómetros de Veneza apareceu um anel ue ostenta uma águia e uma espada o brazã. These Donna Leon books featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti of the Venice police have become some of my favorite guilty reading pleasures over the past year Time to sueeze in one before the year ends A Noble Radiance is the seventh in the series and once again it highlights the corruption and intrigue which seem to be hallmarks of public life in Italy at least in public life as told by Donna LeonThe plot begins with the discovery of a body not an unusual event in a murder mystery In this case the body is that of a young man long dead and mostly decomposed The body is discovered when an abandoned and derelict farm in a village near Venice is purchased by a German doctor from Munich as a retirement home He starts the process of renovating and upgrading the house and the land around it As one of the fields is being plowed the plow uncovers the remains which had been in a shallow grave The case is assigned to BrunettiAlong with the body a ring is discovered The ring bears the crest of the Lorenzoni family As it happens two years earlier the twenty year old son of that family Roberto had been kidnapped A ransom was demanded but his father was not able to access the money to pay it thus it was never paid The family never had a second reuest from the supposed kidnappers and they've never heard from or seen their son again His body was never found The experience has completely destroyed the boy's grieving motherSoon the authorities are able to confirm that the body that was found is Roberto's and the old kidnapping case that was never solved is reopened as a murder caseAs Guido investigates he senses that there is something off about the family relationships particularly the father and a nephew who is now the family heir He begins to suspect that Roberto's disappearance may not have been a clearcut kidnapping and that the family may be involvedAs the Commissario investigates he goes home each day to his own family of a wife and two teenage children and we see the contrast between this loving unit and the Lorenzoni family Brunetti's relationships with his family and with the co workers whom he trusts like Signorina Elletra sustain him and make it possible for this clever empathetic and philosophical detective to maintain his integrity in a corrupt system Time spent with him always leaves the reader with the sense that continuing to fight the good fight is a worthy goal in and of itself Originally published at my blog The Nature of Things

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A Noble RadianceDonna Leon é uma veterana do policial e das edições da Presença recebendo do público português a mesma aclamação de países como a Itália o Reino Unido a Áustria ou a Alemanha Radiação Fatal é sem dúvida uma obra prima para os fãs da série A Noble MOBI #233 protagonizada pelo comissário Guido Brunetti Neste livro ue se. There is no mention of any Brunetti or associate until page 18 And it was superb 45 star in every category not just the beginning Plot yes there is real heinous crime voice continuity conversational flow characters melding within connection all of it Formerly I noted in my successive Brunetti reviews that I was reading them out of order completely hodgepodgeand that the very best were all within the last 10 Most are but this Noble Radiance is certainly the one exception to that rule For inclusion into the top 5 category out of 25 novels by Donna Leon in Brunetti series of 25 this one is definitely in that elite group And by some reckonings might even be in the top 3 I'd say exactly #4 fourth best and I only have one to read POOR ME What will I do without my fix of the Veneto And the reasoning of Guido and Elettra to season my thoughtsYes there is the skillful dichotomy of Italian Justice revealed And the pathways by which the powerful and monetary can entwine And what that immense luck might produce And also the asides of observation by all of the Brunetti's and in laws especially the Count his father in law were not only compelling of intellectual interest but psychologically core to the Italian perception of authority And And And Never forgetting that luncheon that might be best in the series running all by itself that Guido had with his father in law at the elder's favorite secret place as a setting for both inuiry and Father in law concerned about his daughter TALK And God save me Guido hates small piles of what I call tortured food in 5 star arrangement too I would have went with the bream as he did instead of the coda But give me a separate dish for the tiny clam shellsAlso if that were not enough going to the farmlands on the mainland North of Venice and close to Austria the regional interplay also became fantastically notched too here With Patta suirming because of all the money men and power brokerage paths in which he could get solidly caught within the very cracks Here was a history to uncover for a star couple that was enthralling as well And their homes and all that travel Just the passport of the vic was enough for a 4 star readAnd Paola had some bones to throw too Some of them actually contained a thread of meat As in what morality is and when the death sentence is essential But so a kernel of absolute insight when Guido thoughts lead to the observation that the law only contains and punishes what is AGAINST THE LAW The bads that are unlawful But that formerly religion curtailed the bads that were not against the law but at times harmful Of course this is a hard book to review Because the criminal perp is truly evil And the outcomes are far than just unfortunate in societal collapse And murder ensuesThis is a really good Leon Guido matures here You know after reading so many I am getting skilled at recognizing a Leon theme She loves to relate how this one or that one has no belief but still loves the magic or the ritual or the tradition of the forms for religion So she can then discount faith as a mere voluntary whim or superstitious habit like loving a certain form of music or the visuals of a ceremony admiredOh of course the Palermo natives who now work in Venice or Milan are slow to the direction that this one takes As usual But there are also some extra special under character descriptions too The victim his mother and several of the hear say witnesses are pure 5 star There's much of Leon reaching into the core of Italian governmental cultural economic that I could type in length upon And at least 6 or 7 fine uotes to list next after that which were perception incredible But I won't It paperback copy this time had to go back and I don't have the time But this one is a gold nugget disguised within a bluish glowing color That doesn't make sense Read this one and find out how it does