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Catch up on the Event of the Year Discover the series that has everyone buzzing with this introductory priced trade paperback collection released to coincide with the beginning of the second chapter of the yearlong event Separately thirteen mystical Artifacts will guide the fate of the Universe Together thirteen Artifacts will end the. As a long time fan of Top Cow I was hesitant to dive into Artifacts Long time readers will no doubt remember the failed Universe storyarc which was meant to bring the Top Cow universe together in a be all end all change the future of everyone kind of arc Universe which introduced the world to Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes was abandoned after only seven issues and the idea of a companywide crossover went with it I was also wary of Top Cow going the way of larger companies like Marvel and DC which seem to thrive on reboots and multiverse events where there are so many versions of stories featuring the same characters going on that it’s ridiculous trying to keep up I did not want Top Cow to go this way After reading the opening arc of Artifacts I am impressed with how Top Cow is thusfar handling the endeavour The story opens strong with Sara Pezinni bearer of the Witchblade being a complete and thorough badass and progresses to pick up steam as she is introduced to Tom Judge bearer of the Rapture and faced with the abduction of her daughter Hope and the murder of someone dear to her As Jackie Estacado The Darkness and Hope’s father Dani Baptiste the Angelus Patience The Magdalena and other familiar faces join the arc I grew happier at seeing each familiar face It was particularly interesting to see Patience and Dani at odds during their first appearance together since the Magdalena and The Angelus are both on the side of goodthe light But what I enjoyed the most was seeing the human sides of Sara and Jackie Sara in particular In the first two issues alone she is put through the gauntlet as a detective a mother a sister and a bearer of a powerful artifact that has the potential to undo the world It is some of the strongest storytelling for her that I have seen in years and I look forward to seeing where this series takes her particularly in relation to Hope and Jackie I hope Jackie eventually comes to feature as prominently as Sara and look forward to seeing how their always complicated relationship is handledBy the end of this arc the line between those who wish to save the world and those who seek to unmake it has been pretty firmly drawn One thing I’m not sure about is how the opposing side is going to be handled Longtime readers to Top Cow will be most familiar with those fighting to preserve the world Sara Jackie Tom the Angelus the Magdalena and to a lesser extent Abby Van Alstein Of the other faction only Ian Nottingham and Aphrodite IV will be truly familiar to long time readers though the latter is better known as her original incarnation Aphrodite IX The remainder of team “destroy the world” are mostly relatively new characters most of whom were only introduced in the issues and mini series leading up to the Artifacts event The emotional connection and the history that most readers share with Sara Jackie and company simply isn’t there Artifacts claims to be the crossover that will forever alter the Top Cow universe I feel like for this to really happen the familiar faces need to be not to one sided in their alignment The “bad guys” for lack of a better term feel by and largely disposable as characters The dramatic impact would be much riveting and much better served if loyalties were truly divided I am looking forward to seeing how this is handled in future issuesI sincerely hope that the future installments will be as strong as the first If so Artifacts will truly be an event to be reckoned with

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Artifacts Volume 1Nd featuring art by Michael Broussard The Darkness this volume collects Artifactsalong with the Free Comic Book Day issue a beautiful cover gallery behind the scenes extras and much It's loud widescreen comic book mayhem that sticks to the roof of your brain out stars Comic Book Resources dramatic and heavy visually striking Newsarama. This felt like a chore to read The set up was great but every issue felt choked with explanations of who all these characters were and the explanations just repeated over and over It's not really clear to me why the villainous characters would want to destroy the universe either or why you would need say a sword with a demon trapped inside or a magic rock that makes you into an ice giant to destroy all of reality anywayAwesome art sometimes but a plot that didn't catch my attention

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Read & Download Artifacts Volume 1 Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç ➶ [Reading] ➸ Artifacts Volume 1 By Ron Marz ➫ – Catch up on the Event of the Year Discover the series that has everyone buzzing with this introductory priced trade paperback collection released to coincide wUniverse When a mysterious antagonist kidnaps Hope the daughter of Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado Armageddon is put Artifacts Volume PDF into motion Starring virtually every character in the Top Cow Universe this is a series for diehard fans and new readers alike Written by Top Cow Universe architect Ron Marz Witchblade Magdalena a. Read in one sitting drew me in and I couldn't put it down