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Read Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge mobi ë Paperback ✓ Rainer Maria Rilke Ä [Ebook] ➢ Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge Author Rainer Maria Rilke – Leggendo uesto romanzo cui Rilke lavorò ininterrottamente per anni e Leggendo uesto romanzo cui Rilke lavorò ininterrottamente per anni e che pubblicò nel 1910 emerge la percezione della fatalità di un fallimento uello rapp I felt repeatedly while reading The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge that I might have had a strong positive response to it if I had have? a fear of death or if I was well acuainted with the poetry of Rilke I also noticed while reading that I do not have a fear of death view spoiler or at least certainly not in a manner similar enough to the narrative voice hide spoiler

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Di cose che riesce a tradurre in parola anche gli eventi più infimi e impercettibili è una delle poche opere poste sulla soglia della modernità letterari Dense peculiar at times impenetrable at times utterly bursting with stunning imagery this is an immensely difficult book to pin down And it got under my skin Proust crashing headlong into Dostoyevsky This is what happens when a writer who is at heart a lyrical romantic faces the dawning industrial era with a combination of absolute trepidation and aweAnd if you live alone in a foreign city sure of not very much your mind periodically drawn back to a childhood in a frigid Northern clime you'll be as devastated by it as I was and you will climb up to the top of your building look at the sun set in a language you barely speak and you'll realize exactly where Rilke was coming from

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Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids BriggeResentato dalla sconsacrazione subita dall’arte nell’età moderna Ma il “Malte” libro tutto permeato d’interni e d’interiorità di nomi e di nomi Sometimes choosing a star rating can be difficult To avoid falling trap to such uncertainty I try to stick as formally to the description as possible ie 1 “didn’t like” 2 “it was ok” 3”liked it” etc What gets really hairy though is when I have to reconcile “liked” with “appreciated” which can be at odds and which happens occasionally with “literature” This is made all the tougher when I already have it in my head that I should “like” or at the very least “appreciate” a book because people whose opinions I respect think highly of it That should really does get me and make me second guess my own opinion I feel like “I don’t know how much of it I understood but it was as if I were being solemnly promised that at some time I would understand it all” 150 Thank goodness goodreads allows so much space for someone to move beyond a simplistic star rating and to give lengthy descriptions of the different aspects of the books that reached him as well as provide rambling prefatory notes I didn’t like reading this I never found myself anxiously awaiting the next time I could find time to pick it up and read about Malte’s childhood reminiscences I waded through his obscure historical asides couldn’t keep any of the names straight and just didn’t care I actually cringed at certain passages which I thought were striving so hard to achieve profundity and reached odd at best For example when Malte “hit upon the idea of offering the neighbor on the other side of the wall my will For one day I understood that his was at an end And after that whenever I felt it coming on I stood on my side of the wall and begged him to make use of it And as far as my expenditure of will was concerned I began to feel it” 132 To me this reeks of a would be poet attempting to emphasize how he feels things deeply than the common man when in reality he’s nuts and it makes no sense Plus that page is followed by a page of meditation on a box lid “a lid that could have no other longing than to find itself on its boxthe fulfillment of its desires” 134 He even decides “this box lid has it in for me” Then there are his ruminations on love death and God All fodder for some very profound revelations However again I just couldn’t get into them—it’s the same problem I’ve always had with the Transcendentalists and some of this sounded pretty transcendentalist ish “In the garden there is one chief thing; everything is everywhere and one would have to be in everything in order not to miss anything” 149 Malte is definitely trying to live deep and suck out the marrow of life to separate himself from the mass of men who lead lives of uiet desperation HOWEVER there were many passages that I did find profound especially towards the beginning Maybe this just isn’t the type of book one can read a few pages at a time in ten minute bursts In the beginning I understand that Malte does represent the true Modern man he is “learning to see” 3 discovering that “the main thing was that one was alive” 2 wondering “Is it possible that the whole history of the world has been misunderstood? Is it possible that the past is false because one has always spoken of its masses” 16 understanding that “something is going on in me as well something that is beginning to distance and separate me from everything” 37 Talk about embodying the disillusionment isolation and true severing of ties with the past of the modernist movement just read page 38 in its entirety and you’ve got a summary of said movement There is sooo much talk about “masks” in the book and I see that as a metaphor for Malte’s goal He seeks to reveal the Truth to all of those around him to rip away the false masks under which they live Unfortunately he is too awkward especially around girls and self conscious and insecure There were countless time throughout the text that I wrote in the margins “Prufrock” In fact as I read I had planned for this review to be a comparison between this book and the poem Now I realize that I would have had to copy nearly the entire poem because comparisonsconnections can be drawn to nearly every line of it “Now one accidentally emerges among accidental things and almost takes fright at not being invited” 97I mean come on Malte’s “overwhelming uestion” is “My God if it were possible to impart something of it But would it exist then would it exist?” 54”And will they in any event see what I am saying here” 111 A Favorite uotation“Flowers and fruits are ripe when they fall; animals feel themselves and find one another and are satisfied But we who have made God for ourselves we can not find satisfaction” 174 A Favorite Scene When his dog reproaches him for letting death in Touching 121A uotation That Perhaps Sums Up My Reading Experience “Many things came into my hands that so to speak ought to have been read already for other things it was much too soon; nothing at that time was just right for the present But nevertheless I read” 148