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FREE READ ´ Talking Heads á ➵ Talking Heads Download ➾ Author Alan Bennett – Chi ha letto Nudi e crudi La cerimonia del massaggio o La signora nel furgone sa già che la sulfurea comicità di Alan Bennett si sprigiona perlopiù da situazioni in apparenza dimesse un appartament Chi ha letto Nudi e crudi La cerT è andato molto oltre strappando il massimo di ilarità a un pretesto anche scenico ridotto al minimo E pur essendo di fatto una forma a sé – un po’ commedie per voce sola un po’ «versioni rudimentali di un racconto» – uesti monologhi costituiscono la migliore introduzione possibile al mondo di Bennett dove le leggi della logica prima o poi si incagliano su un dettaglio incongruo finendo per ritorcersi contro chi cercava di applicarle Come accade al Graham di Una patatina nello zucchero costretto prima a di. From BBC radio 4Alan Bennett's much loved collection of monologues giving us a glimpse in to the lives of six ordinary British people1 Talking about Talking Heads2 A Chip in the Sugar read by Alan BennettLife for Graham and his elderly mother has settled into a comfortable pattern when a face from the past appears to threaten his peace of mind 3 A Lady of Letters read by Patricia RoutledgeIrene thinks 'corresponding' is every citizen's right in a free society but she gets her first taste of real freedom in the most unlikely place 4 Bed Among the Lentils read by Anna MasseySusan doesn't feel she has any of the talents needed to be a vicar's wife and finds herself seeking comfort elsewhere 5 Her Big Chance read by Julie WaltersLesley is an actress who works hard at her craft but needs a career leg up Will a chance encounter at a party provide just that 6 Soldiering On read by Stephanie ColeMuriel is determined not to let her recent widowhood get her down but the fallout is far serious than she could ever have expected 7 A Cream Cracker Under the Settee read by Thora HirdDoris has fallen off the buffet and while sitting in the dark waiting for help she looks back on a life dedicated to fighting dirt httpsarchiveorgdetailsTalkingHe

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Chi ha letto Nudi e crudi La cerimonia del massaggio o La signora nel furgone sa già che la sulfurea comicità di Alan Bennett si sprigiona perlopiù da situazioni in apparenza dimesse un appartamento svaligiato una commemorazione funebre i rapsodici contatti con una barbona invadente e non troppo amabile Ma nei celeberrimi monologhi per la televisione – trasmessi dalla BBC nel e affidati all’interpretazione delle più grandi attrici inglesi da Julie Walters a Maggie Smith oltreché dell’autore stesso – Bennet. Intimate isolation amid loss pandemic reading and viewingThis book contains thirteen sharp intimate but unsentimental monologues eleven by middle aged or elderly women plus a couple of men Their bittersweet lives mostly in and around a version of Leeds in Yorkshire are carefully revealed by Alan Bennett an archetypal “national treasure” a term of endearment he resists They were written for performance mostly with specific actors in mind Bennett himself played Graham in A Chip in the Sugar The first batch was in 1988 and the second in 1998 In 2020 ten of them plus a couple of new ones were cast with different actors filmed and broadcast during Coronavirus lockdown then staged when lockdown eased They’re brilliant in all three mediums though I find it most powerful when I can see and hear the body language and intonation of the specific actor as I readSlow partial expositionEach narrator describes their apparently simple straightforward and conventional life but gradually hints at sadness secrets and sinister undercurrents In some it’s just a breach of etiuette or societal expectations; in a couple the taboo is far greaterAs a reader or viewer you fill in the gaps before the narrator does The clues are in what is unsaid They all hold something back even from themselves It’s the opposite of confessional “reality” TVImage Missing pieces in a blank jigsaw SourceOn first encounter the stories are darker than you initially expect On subseuent occasions you relish spotting the clues and yet each retains the power to surprise and move and sometimes to shock uiet catastrophes not cosy onesThey’ve been part of the literary and TV fabric throughout my adult life I regularly return to them with the fond familiarity of visiting great aunts who I’m concerned about Doubly powerful in a pandemicLoneliness loss and isolation are horribly real for many of us right now as well as being common themes in the monologues Watching the new versions on TV when I’ve hardly met let alone touched anyone from another household is especially poignant Losing faith wanting escape drinking too much and keeping or uncovering secrets take on new resonance Guilt is another recurring theme especially guilt about things not done or not acknowledged Something about lockdown triggers guilt I find Another touchpointIntimate pieces intimately doneTheatres in London’s West End have not reopened yet September 2020 Even at drastically reduced capacity the pinch points of entrances exits aisles and loos in old theatres would not meet current guidelines But the Bridge Theatre less than three years old and with links to The National Theatre Nicholas Hytner and Alan Bennett is spacious and adaptable so they have started staging pairs of Talking Heads They’ve ripped out 75% of the seats there’s no interval and everyone is masked throughout except the two actors who perform separately It’s not financially viable; it’s about morale than money After months where the only public indoor space I’ve been is the supermarket and recently hairdresser my excitement was tinged with anxiety As we walked into the auditorium this is what we sawImage Bridge Theatre as the audience took their seats for a Covid safe performance of two Talking Heads monologues 7 September 2020 We sat in intimate isolation amid loss a missing row in front a missing row behind and seats to our left and right were absent Tragically aptWhen the lights went down it felt as if the two of us were alone with the actor So much so that at times I wanted to reach out and touch her hand consolingly except I’ve been conditioned out of such gestures in recent months The Shrine performed by Monica DolanThis is a new one for 2020 It’s not one of my favourites but that may be because it’s not yet as familiar I saw it on TV before the stage and haven’t read it but also because the ending was something of an anticlimax When Lorna’s birdwatching biker husband dies she visits the site of the fatal collision Rather than reaching closure she cultivates it as a shrine with flowers a seat and a schedule of rituals It was no surprise when one day she finds flowers left by someone else Bed Among the Lentils performed by Lesley ManvilleIt was originally performed by Maggie Smith known to many as Professor McGonagall Dowager Countess of Grantham andor Bennett’s The Lady in the Van Manville made it her own though“ The Sermon was about sex I didn’t actually nod off though I have heard it before Marriage gives the OK to sex is the gist of it but while it is far from being the be all and end all you can say that again sex is nevertheless the supreme joy of the married state and a symbol of the relationship between us and God So Geoffrey concludes when we put our money in the plate it is a symbol of everything in our lives we are offering to God and that includes our sex I could only find 10p” Susan is married to a vicar but is unsuited to the role she’s not a fan of God or attending church as she says if her husband were a barrister she wouldn’t have to attend court submits to occasional “dessicated couplings” with him and has no skill or interest in flower arranging which her husband’s “fan club” treat as a competitive sport Mrs Shrubsole’s “Forest Murmurs” especially She’s lonely bored and unfulfilled there’s no mention of a previous career nor children She seeks solace in predictable and then less predictable ways One secret is revealed and another remains hidden Salvation is prompted by one worked at by another and credit for both is claimed by another Ultimately the most “Christian” characters are not those who would claim the label “ The only preference I have is to shove my chrysanthemums up her nose but instead I practise a bit of Christian forbearance and go stick them in a vase by the lectern”Image Monica Dolan left and Lesley Manville right in 2020 TV productions Source Read and watchBackground to and history of the series HERE including a list of titles with a plot situation summary of eachDepending what country you live in you can find video or audio of individual monologues broadcast by BBC or PBS See the Wiki link above for a list of the titles and Google them individuallyIt’s best to read or watch no than two at a time

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Talking HeadsBattere serissimamente con la madre se l’anziano – ma decisamente vitale – spasimante di lei sia o non sia «un tipo da copriteiera» e poi a prendere atto che «abbiamo già superato la fase copriteiera» O a Lesley l’agguerrita attrice della Sua grande occasione che avendo fatto notare a un attrezzista di essere stata scelta perché ualcuno si era accorto delle sue idee molto precise sulla parte si sente seraficamente rispondere «Più che altro si sono accorti che hai un giropetto di novantacinue centimetri». I think this is a brilliant book and I loved every page The characters are so realistic that I could find people I knew that were very like some of themI have just reread this book and enjoyed it just as much I really admire this author and the way he writes