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Bear author Marian Engel characters µ 7 À [KINDLE] ❄ Bear Author Marian Engel – After five years buried like a mole amid the decaying maps and manuscripts of an historical institute Lou is given a welcome field assignment to catalogue a nineteenth century library improbably locat After five years burieOnstruct the estate’s curious history she is unprepared for her discovery that the island has one other inhabitant a bearLou’s imagination is soon overtaken by the estate’s historical occupants whose fascination with bear lore becomes her own Irresistibly Lou is led alo. Is this a book where a Canadian woman called Lou smears honey on her labia minora and has a black bear lick it off YesIs this a book where Lou kneads the bear’s testicles and tries to mount the bear’s penis YesIs this a book where Lou falls in love with a bear YesDid Marian Engel win the Governor’s General Award for this book YesIs this book about gratuitous bestiality NoIs this book about general bestiality then No Although clearlySo what IS this book about then Lou is Theresa Dunn’s Looking for Mr Goodbarr’s doppelganger except theres no faithful James waiting in the side wingsNegotiating the treacherous waters of the 1970s emancipation experiment Lou is a a middle aged educated intelligent woman whose life is dissipating in an ennui nous para state of extreme loneliness and unfullfilment whose platitudes of evenness are rippled only by brief sexual encounters which leave her even hallowed out than before Why does she do it Because she is so alone The need to touch another human being really not necessarily a man becomes so intense she succumbs to the Dark Side periodically Even when she tries her hardest to ‘settle’ you know where suare pegs needs must be forced into round holes to simulate ‘wholeness’ the men find her too educated too professional not domesticated enoughSo Lou ends up on a remote island Cary in Northern Ontario where she is meant to catalogue the library of an estate beueathed to the Institute she works in Helpless literally this is some massive Canadian outback its survival of the fittest out there she soon finds herself exchanging favours for the local Man Friday’s help in getting her supplies etc Which is even heartbreaking considering she thought he was a decent human being to begin withIs it any wonder that disillusioned with men unable to understand how she fits in the complicated matrix of male female relationship paradigm morbidly despairing and disenchanted with her ‘daily bread’ she first falls in love with the remoteness purity and innocence of Cary Island and one brief step later the bearThis bear then is the only living creature in Lou’s life which gives unconditionally loves uneuivocally has as its narrative innocence kindness and truth and hey makes no domestic demands Clearly Lou has to go back to Toronto eventually But not before she is practically flayed alive in an attempt to copulate not that thats important I just had to sueeze it in though And whilst there are no promises that her existenz will transform in any meaningful way at the very least Lou goes back with replenished belief in the validity of life because for the first time ever she has been touched by the redeeming nurture of LoveEven if it was a bear and not a Canadian Man who showed her the way

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Ng a path of emotional and sexual self discovery as she explores the limits of her own animal nature through her bizarre and healing relationship with the bearA daring and compelling novel Marian Engel’s Bear won the Governor General’s Award for From the Hardcover edition. After stumbling across this on imgur I feel like it's my duty to read this For research purposes I feel like I'm probably going to regret this decision

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Bear author Marian EngAfter five years buried like a mole amid the decaying maps and manuscripts of an historical institute Lou is given a welcome field assignment to catalogue a nineteenth century library improbably located in an octagonal house on a remote island in northern Ontario Eager to rec. Hmmm what happens in Canada stays in Canada ehWhat is it with you guys up there Is it the solitude The aurora borealis The coldIf I were to take Margaret Atwood seriously and I do oh I do I do I do y'all are transmuting into amoebas up there giving birth in lakes to half formed humanbeaversAnd now there's this Lou in my life Lou the world's most boring librarian sent up to a place called “Cary's Island” in Canada to catalogue a library for her InstituteIn case it's unclear Lou's a lady and in case you're worried about a spoiler here the back of the book reads “By page twenty our librarian had met the bear and 'wondered if the bear would be good company' The bear is indeed good company Intimate company Shocking company”AND the cover of the book depicts a bear a naked arm wrapped intimately around itSo let's get this out of the way Lou takes up with a chained bear that's become a “pet” on the island and appears to have been pleasing men and women for years But before Lou takes up with the bear she has the most boring job EVER in the history of jobs and in contrast to other readers who have reviewed this before me I was so bored I was likeWHEN IS SHE GOING TO FUCK THE GODDAMNED BEARMy God I've almost never been so bored by a narrative I don't want to do MY paperwork let alone read about LOU'S paperwork for her boring ass job Or the most boring rendition EVER of Canadian lake historyAnd I don't get this part either she's stuck on an island near a chained filthy bear and a boring married man with nine children and she chooses the bearGranted the bear has “a tongue that was muscular but also capable of lengthening itself like an eel finding all her secret places” All men reading this review take heed This is IMPORTANT informationBut the man Homer has “a good long prick and he used it” Not to be discounted big pictureAnd CLEARLY Lou's not one for clever conversation either giving it or taking it so why does she choose the bear that smells like “shit and musk its hinduarters matted with dirt”The man at least bathes Well occasionallyAlso to take a moment to connect text to self I'd like to point out here that I was disturbed by the fact that the bear was filthy than that the bear was becoming her sexual partner I'll explore this disturbing notion by myself laterTo be honest if someone wants to sell this to me as a “feminist manifesto” I'd like to argue feminist How so Fuck a bear and girl power Fuck a Homer and what a prickFuck your Director and uit your jobIt's all a bunch of bullshit There's no feminist ANYTHING as far as I can see and I thought Lou was a boring nut jobI do have one takeaway here though That tongue That bear's tongue Three stars for the bear's tongue