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Dangerously PlacedA nude beach in order to clear her name Can a hippy chick a goth girl in a lab coat and two guys with a taste for blowing things up really help solve the mystery – before Alex becomes the next victim Dangerously Placed was uite a thrill ride I was blown away by how developed and realistic Nansi’s virtual reality technologies were They were extremely well thought out So much that I could definitely see us using similar technologies in the future I also enjoyed how the book was physically broken up Each chapter takes place over one day This made it easy to keep track of how time progressed Sometimes for me it is easy to lose track of how much time has passed in novels Unfortunately I did find Dangerously Placed lacking in character development initially BUT by the end the flatness I felt at first was gone and I had a chance to see the intricacies of the secondary characters Though this was an interesting developed story it did not grab me like the many sci fi books I have read before Perhaps the timing was off but I just wasn’t “feeling it” I do however feel that this book definitely has a place in the YA sci fi genreDangerously Placed finished as a strong sci fi adventure At 274 pages this ualifies as a uick read I definitely recommend this to fans of the sci fi and adventure genres I’m very curious to see what Nansi has in store for us next

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En an employee is found murdered the dream becomes a nightmare – because Alex is the prime suspect Fortunately Alex’s friends are willing to brave shark tanks disgusting pathology specimens and even Review on Burn Brightcom

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PDF ↠ BOOK Dangerously Placed FREE ✓ NANSI KUNZE Ý ❰Read❯ ➵ Dangerously Placed Author Nansi Kunze – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk This work experience is going to be killerAlex Thaler can’t wait to start her dream work experience placement at Virk where staff from all over the world mingle This work experience is going to be killerAlex Thaler can’t wait to start her dream work experience placement at Virk where staff from all over the world mingle in an astonishing virtual office But wh Reality is individual We all have different tools with which to perceive itThe Aussies have done it again Aussie author Nansi Kunze has created a thrilling virtual world within one thriller of a bookI don't know what it is about virtual reality that gets my motor running The world of gaming calls to me like a bird feeder calls to a suirrel Then it spins me round and round until I'm too dizzy to walk straight and all I can think about is how long until I can hop back onYou've heard of the Holodeck right? If not do yourself a favor and go watch some Star Trek The Next Generation It also has a nice piece of android named Data RawrThe key technology featured in this book is basically the predecessor to something like The Holodeck or The Matrix The tech is also close to what could potentially be achieved in our lifetimes making it all the intriguing The Rundown Dangerously Placed centers around a young girl named Alex who is beginning her work experience at a company called Simulcorp But this isn't your everyday paper pushing office It's all virtual Using something called a Virk suit in a specially designed Virk Room people from all over the world can sign in and meet up in a virtual work environmentThings are going well until dun dun dun someone gets murdered Of course in true young adult style our main character tasks herself with discovering the identity of the killer It's an especially important task considering she is one the main suspects The World building and Pacing When I first started it reminded me of a cartoonish cross between Nancy Drew and The Matrix I don't know why but I imagined this book in CGI It would make an amazing Pixar film but it would of course need a much cheesier name Something like The VirkualsI give this an A for concept and I am a concept kind of girl In fact if the book has a stellar premise involving speculative fiction I am usually a pretty happy campy camper Of course characterization is important as well and I uite enjoyed the characters in Dangerously Placed in spite of their Disney Channel Original tendencies which the cheeseball monster inside of me happens to love Though the science may not have been perfect it was the most believable young adult sci fi I have read in uite some timeIt was fast and thrilling with a hint of scandal It had about as many twists as an episode of Lost but without the side character eating smoke monster There may or may not be a dragon thoughThe evolution of the romantic storyline was unforeseen and unexpected as well as very very welcome You aren't bombarded with instalove right from the beginning which is a rare find in the current YA market The relationship developed sincerely and unfolded realistically or as realistically as possible considering the preposterous situation these teens find themselves in The Verdict I'm giving this one high marks for keeping me thoroughly involved and addicted throughout It reads a bit younger than I typically gravitate toward although I think this could open it up to a wider audience It was entertaining none the lessNansi is a fresh science fiction voice in the world of YA I will definitely be on the lookout for titles from her She also agreed to do a guest post for STRANGEMORE