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The Air We Breathe Free read ☆ 104 ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Air We Breathe Author Andrea Barrett – An evocative panorama of Americaon the cusp of enormous change Newsday by the National Book Award winning author of Ship FeverIn the fall of 1916 America prepares for war—but in the community of THe sick Wealthy tubercular patients live in private The Air PDF or cure cottages charity patients mainly immigrants fill the large public sanatorium Prisoners of routine they take solace in gossip rumor and sometimes secr. I recently shared with my husband that one of my goals for the calendar year was to attempt to rediscover the joy I felt as a younger reader when I would simply wander the stacks of my library to find a book to try and then really enjoyed it vs seeking out a specific book because I had read or been told about it This book does not literally ha fit that bill but it came close; a family member simply handed it to me and said You need to read this you will like it So I did without being told anything else or reading about it on Goodreads or elsewhere first The parallels between the political climate of the era in which the book is set and the current one 2017 are uite unsettling note the book itself was published in 2007 He'd found the rumors terrifying He knew what happened when they spread and he knew how the solitary were punished Interesting perhaps only to me this is the second book of historical fiction I've read in the past week that has been fantastic in terms of educating me on the granular realities of a given time and place

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Et attachments But when the well meaning efforts of one enterprising patient lead to a tragic accident and a terrible betrayal the war comes home bringing with it a surge of anti immigrant prejudice and vigilante sentimen. This is a very well written novel and though I haven't yet read Ship Fever I already look forward to learning about these characters and their relatives in that book This one is an eerie book in a way narrated in the second person plural a collection of souls seeking rehabilitation from tuberculosis in upstate New York just before World War I Its main characters who comprise both residents and workers at the facility become intertwined in various complicated ways which inevitably lead to the book's tragic climax Misunderstandings and assumptions abound only adding to the tragedy Although this won't rate as one of my favorite books I will seek out others by Barrett and look forward to the treasures I'm sure they hold

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The Air We BreatheAn evocative panorama of Americaon the cusp of enormous change Newsday by the National Book Award winning author of Ship FeverIn the fall of America prepares for war but in the community of Tamarack Lake the focus is on t. Great historical detail but extremely slow