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Review ¶ The Spirit of the Disciplines Understanding How God Changes Lives 109 ½ ❮Download❯ ➼ The Spirit of the Disciplines Understanding How God Changes Lives ➾ Author Dallas Willard – How to Live as Jesus LivedDallas Willard one of today's moEir practice affirms human life to the fullest The Spirit of the Disciplines is for everyone Spirit of the Disciplines Understanding PDF or who strives to be a disciple of Jesus in thought and action as well as intentio. This was a great book that goes into depth with the reasons why spiritual disciplines are one of the most important things for growing in your faith it explains the failings that we currently have and I’m sure all have experienced where the spiritual disciplines are burden than useful and Willard beautifully paints a picture of how the world could look if everyone took the time to plan and put into practise spiritual disciplines that will assist in strengthening your faith

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How to Live as Jesus LivedDallas Willard one of the PDF #8608 of today's most brilliant Christian thinkers and author of The Divine Conspiracy Christianity Today's Book of the The Spirit MOBI #233 Year presents a way of. If Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline is the classic manual for spiritual disciplines this book is it's companion explaining the why of spiritual practice Willard explains why the classical spiritual practices work as God's instruments of human transformation Willard is philosophic and practical but as a philosophy professor tilts to the former Readers who don't want the in depth philosophic exploration may want to skip some middle chaptersWillard's final chapters on wealth chastity and Christian influence in the civilsocialcultural sphere are fascinating His perspective is both traditional and boldly novelAnyone seeking to better understand and practice the spiritual disciplines will want to carefully read this Pastors especially should give it a careful reading

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The Spirit of the Disciplines Understanding How God Changes LivesLiving that enables ordinary men and women to enjoy the fruit of the Christian life He reveals how the key to self Spirit of the MOBI #9734 transformation resides in the practice of the spiritual disciplines and how th. Dallas Willard is a Southern Baptist ordained theologian who has a refreshing way of overturning my assumptions In The Spirit of the Disciplines he hammers on the tendencies of people like me to slough off disciplines such as solitude silence fasting and frugality in favor of saccharine interpretations that are mental than physical Yet Willard makes the case that authentic Christianity is physical and that if Jesus became flesh and used these disciplines to enhance His relationship with the Father how much do believers need to express their faith in literal physical ways I found myself in profound agreement with him from the following two lines in the preface forward “Holiness and devotion must now come forth from the closet and the chapel to possess the street and the factory the schoolroom and boardroom the scientific laboratory and the governmental office” p xii “The Spirit of the Disciplines I snothing but the love of Jesus with its resolute will to be like him whom we love” p xiiI stood convicted from that page forward In that sense there were parts of the first eight chapters in which I wanted to say “I’m convinced; let’s move forward” Of course even as I type that I realize that I gained something from every chapter To illustrate this I’ll try to share one choice morsel out of each chapter“The Secret of the Easy Yoke” posits the idea that anything less than walking with the Lord Jesus Christ is doomed to “a life of crushing burdens failures and disappointments a life caught in the toils of endless problems never resolvedThe ‘cost of discipleship’ though it may take all we have is small when compared to the lot of those who don’t accept Christ’s invitation to be a part of his company in The Way of life” p 2“Making Theology Practical” demonstrated that the reason Protestants have discounted the disciplines is because “Centuries ago disciplines such as fasting service and giving were confused with meritorious works as well as with a useless and destructive ‘penance’” p 25 Naturally denominations which focus on “grace alone” would reject this “works oriented” approach but ironically this has probably led to “cheap grace” on their end p 25“Salvation as a Life” cites Soren Kierkegaard as noting “how there is always a certain worldliness that desires to seem Christian but as cheaply as possible” p 39In “Little Less Than a God” Willard contends “The sober truth is that we are made of dust even if we aspire to the heavens” p 46While explaining the “Nature of Life” we read “Very simply spirit is unembodied personal power Ultimately it is God who is Spirit John 424 Electricity magnetism and gravity by contrast are embodied non personal power” p 64“Spiritual Life The Body’s Fulfilment” teaches “Our experience of others is also inescapably an experience of their embodied existence” p 83 “ The disciplines for the spiritual life rightly understood are time tested activities consciously undertaken by us as new men and women to allow our spirit ever increasing sway over our embodied selves” p 86The chapter on “St Paul’s Psychology of Redemption” offered the interesting insight that not only did Paul emphasize the idea of self control throughout his writings but the idea of self control appears five times in the first two chapters of the Letter to Titus p 102 “History and the Meaning of the Disciplines” is an interesting chapter because Willard clearly demonstrates where past practices have encouraged the belief that certain extremes are useful to gaining God’s favor or forgiveness There are some horrifying descriptions of instruments of torture used to “earn” forgiveness Portions of the chapter are nauseating but necessaryFinally in Chapter 9 “Some Main Disciplines for Spiritual Life” Willard offers a short taxonomy of spiritual disciplines bisected into Disciplines of Abstinence solitude silence fasting frugality chastity secrecy sacrifice and Disciplines of Engagement study worship celebration service prayer fellowship confession submission p 158 This is really the meat of the book as he discusses the advantagenecessity of each discipline for bringing one closer to GodChapter 10 attempted to help believers see that there is nothing virtuous in poverty for its own sake p 194 and Chapter 11 served as a sermon to pound home the insight that what believers do actually matters in terms of God’s long term plans for the redemption of this world and the people within it This is a much needed corrective to much preaching as is the entire bookI find The Spirit of the Disciplines to be valuable primarily for Chapter 9 However those who are not already open to the idea of spiritual disciplines will certainly want to experience the solid foundation that Willard brings before he actually considers the disciplines themselves For me this book is useful but it is not as stimulating as The Divine Conspiracy even though it touches on some of the same themes in places