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The Woman Who Walked into Doors Download ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Woman Who Walked into Doors ❤ Roddy Doyle – By the author of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha winner of the 1993 Booker Prize this is the life history of Paula Spencer her contenteAd marriage It is the story of a working class woman in her s who is both vulnerable and stro. It was interesting to read about domestic violence from a woman's point of viewwritten by a man The first part of the book felt significantly different from the second part the tone the voice the narrative itself One part raised the uestions and shuffled the puzzle pieces around so they wouldn't uite connect for the reader and the second brought the reader directly into this woman's psyche as her husband is literally beating her soul out of her Certain segments were brutal and almost too much to read but that's what kept me reading the fact that Roddy Doyle could have written this convincing female character and that I as a woman sympathized and understood her The writing at first felt too shaky and not believable but as I said the second half MADE the book

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By the Who Walked MOBI #239 author of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha winner of the Booker Prize this i. I love this author He is raw with emotion i love this passage Everything made you on thing or the other It tired you out sometimes I remember spending ages exhausted and upset It was nice knowing that boys wanted you then you couldn't want them back If you smiled at than one you were a slut; if you didn't smile at all you were a tight bitch If you smiled at the wrong boy you were back to being a slut and you might get a hiding from his girlfriend and she'd be a slut for pulling your hair and you'd be one for letting her Boys could ask you to go with them and you couldn't ask them You had to get your friends to let the boys know that you'd say yes if you were asked That could make you a slut as well if you go the wrong friend to ask for you SlutMy little brother SlutMy fatherEveryone They were all in on itRoddy Doyle has a way of making the most devastating and meaningful statements in sentences that are about 5 words long I don't know how he does it

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The Woman Who Walked into DoorsS the life history of Paula Spencer her contented childhood her romance with Charlo and her s. I decided to re read this before reading the seuel Paula Spencer I had forgotten just how good this book is just how well Doyle does a female protagonist The book is painful and sad and unflinching in it's descriptions of marital abuse and alcoholism but as always Doyle adds in warmth and humor to make it all hurt less After my re read I'm not sure that I want to read the seuel I don't want to ruin the image in my head with a new story that might not be as good Plus on the jacket it says that Paula finds a new man in the new book I don't know that I can bear it if the story becomes a cutesy love storyRoddy Doyle tells the story of Paula Spencer a woman in an abusive marraige who has developed a drinking problem herself Through flashbacks we learn about Paula's adolescence and courtship with her husband and we learn about the devastating abuse she suffered at his hands The book is heartbreaking and gut wrenching and so well done