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A Darkling Plain Read ì 102 ´ ➺ [Download] ➶ A Darkling Plain By Philip Reeve ➻ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk The final book of the thrilling Predator Cities seriesLondon is a radioactive ruin But Tom and Wren discover that the old predator city hides an awesome secret that could bring an end to the war But a The final book of The final book of the thrilling Predator Cities seriesLondon is a radioactive ruin But Tom and Wren discover that the old predator city hides an awesome secret that could b. And so they lived happily ever after What I wantedWhat I got And so the world moved on Which was definitely cruelerIt's one of the most under appreciated books of recent years and given the fact that it's uniue unusual and witty I suggest you go develop some taste and read itThe story comes full circle in A Darkling Plain and if there's one thing I've come to learn about Philip Reeve it's that he takes you off guard He concluded each of his four books so satisfyingly I was almost tempted to heave a contented sigh after I finished them The plot of this book runs wild in 200 different directions but you know it's all going to converge on a single point it does and uite beautifully at that Let me talk first about the most savage thing known to mankind epilogues Not all of them are moving but the ones that are tend to go there ALL the way ya know I can count on my fingers the number of epilogues that made my eyes water This particular one wasn't tearful but heartbreaking and brutal all the same I cannot think of a better way it all could have ended With the writer's tenacity to be mellow and funny at one time and pitiless and severe at the next this was apt I'm happy for Tom and Hester Hester finally got the love or the show of love she truly deserved Pennyroyal did not deserve to be saved again and again and that is the only thing that made me angry Anna Shrike London all the old characters came back and the story came full circle My ebook version must have been faulty or something because it says Grike throughout the book I was also saddened by the fact that Hester and Wren never met again That was distressing Wren never forgiving her mother when she was aliveNaga and Oenone Zero's track was something that came as a total surprise The third book ended with Zero watching as Naga walked away making grand plans of taking over the Green Storm and fighting the war anew This book began with the Oenone visiting a static settlement with Naga her husband to negotiate peace Woah That was my only reaction And then the star crossed lovers route their pairing took So many obstacles so much painSurprise and trauma these are the two things this book operated on “That's what History teaches us I think that life goes on even though individuals die and whole civilizations crumble away The simple things last; they are repeated over and over by each generation” But even dead people were shown no mercyPhilip Reeve you tragedy loving ruffian

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Ring an end to the war But as they risk their lives in its dark underbelly time is running out Alone and far away Hester faces a fanatical enemy who possesses the weapons an.

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A Darkling PlainD the will to destroy the entire human raceThe final book in the Predator Cities series Philip Reeve's A Darkling Plain is the winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Priz. This book was a decent end to the series I didn't like the third book so many of the things in this book that were connected to that weren't great in my opinion but I did think the author did a good job creating an ending that wrapped everything up I just feel a bit like it would have been fine if the series was shorter because now it got drawn out in a way I didn't particularly care for The conflicts were fairly complex and I just wasn't that invested Neither was I too invested in the characters It was entertaining but not much than thatPersonally I would recommend just reading the first book which was fantastic