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characters Î Sin's Dark Caress á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ➷ [Reading] ➹ Sin's Dark Caress By Tracey OHara ➬ – O’Hara continues her gripping paranormal saga of shapeshifters vampires werewolves and darkest magic with Sin’s Dark Caress as an NYPD Detective joinOwerful forensic witch to investigate a rash Sin's Dark eBook #213 of gruesome murders that plagues the city hoping to prevent an ancient insidious evil from reentering th. Favorite Lines Bianca followed him back to the body and dropped to a suat Dark blond hair was tacky with drying blood that pooled around the dead girl's head and her lower abdomen was just an empty cavity p 6 egalleyTracey O'Hara's Dark Brethren series gets better with each book I didn't fall in love with book one Night's Cold Kiss It was okay but I didn't really think about it after I read it Book two Death's Sweet Embrace felt like a totally different series I read it uickly connected with some parts of the story and was entertained by the mystery Sin's Dark Caress is even better because it brings something I love It is dark Not horror dark but heavier than the average romance Evil permeates its pages but it never lets you forget you are reading a romance You may want to read the first two books in the series before jumping into Sin's Dark CaressCharacters Almost all the characters are intentionally or unintentionally hiding something Some don't know on a molecular level who they are Others are transitioning Change is not always good and there is plenty of change happening in book three of the Dark Brethren seriesWe met vampires and animalians shifters in the first two books In Sin's Dark Caress we get to know witches and the fae Other paranormals are still around but the focus of the book is witches We also get to see the birth of a battle between good and evil Sin's Dark Caress feels like the start of a new chapter for the series The first two books had things in common but for the most part they brought up a case solved it and ended with a couple finding love At the end of book three I feel like future books will consistently get darker as the characters attack a worse and worse evil I also expect to learn about a couple of mobsters that intrigued me in Sin's Dark Caress

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Eir world Sin’s Dark Caress is supernatural suspense combined with a captivating love story that will appeal eually to dark fantasy lovers and fans of paranormal romance. A dark graphic tale Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomBianca Sin a forensic witch had so far been unable to bond with a familiar so her powers were not fully developed But after being called out to the site of a dead homeless girl whose body had been cleaved in half by dark magic and her baby removed from her body things began to rapidly change She knew that this was particularly bad especially when she saw the sign that had been drawn in blood by the bodythe seal of the Black Brethren and the blood did not belong to the homeless victim That night the pendant that had been handed down to her and which she always wore seemed to set off her cat Earlier in the day she had noticed some movement and change of temperature with the pendant When the cat practically attacked her she took off the pendant and laid it on the table Later waking up she discovered that the cat had claimed it and refused to give it up Returning home from work the next day she found her pendant had been broken in half and to her surprise her cat now had a frienda blue dragon Finding herself bonded to the dragon named Kedrax she found her powers coming in fully She also made some other discoveries The dragon could talk to her and the reason she had been unable to bond with a familiar was that she had already mentally bonded with Kedrax when she was a childOn the job Bianca teams up with longtime friend NYPD homicide detective Lancelot McManus and an elite task force which is run by Oberon DuPrie a shape shifter to investigate the case which has been labeled Womb Raider Although McManus who has a drinking and a Neon Tears drug addiction desires Bianca he tries not to show it after the one disastrous night they spent together But these two must work closely together trusting each other even after McManus is suspended from his job for striking another officer With one body after another showing up each bearing the seal of the Dark Brethren both the human and paranormal worlds have been thrown into disorder In many cases a fully formed fetus is removed from the body of the victims even some victims who had not been pregnant that very morning The pure dark evil of the Dark Brethren has arrived and it is left up to McManus and Bianca with the help of Kedrax to stop it But when the evil hits too close to home and Bianca’s loved ones the powerful witch has had enough With danger all around them will they be able to defeat the dark forces before it is too lateA dark tale SIN’S DARK CARESS the third book in author Tracey O’Hara’s DARK BRETHREN series is an intense suspense filled paranormal urban fantasy It is set in an alternate earth where humans and paranormal beings exist in a tentatively peaceful state Although it takes off slow it uickly picks up speed Brimming with action magic witches faeries evil suspense mystery and an originally creative plot this story is an exciting read Romance is not a big component in Ms O’Hara’s story but I recommend it to lovers of urban fantasy I loved Bianca’s spunky heart filled character as well as McManus’ sarcastic bad boy persona At times graphic I don’t believe this story is for the faint of heart Still it is an enjoyable read Do not miss itDottie RomanceJunkiescom

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Sin's Dark CaressO’Hara continues her gripping paranormal saga of shapeshifters vampires werewolves and darkest magic with Sin’s Dark Caress as an NYPD Detective joins forces with a p. I'm really really liking this series but I'm sad that book 4 hasn't been published yet Though I will say that I was rather annoyed by all the typos and words missing in sentences in this printed book