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Read & Download Eat Slay Love Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Eat Slay Love Author Jesse Petersen – Two zombie apocalypse survivors search for a cure and fight the undead together in this inventive and darkly funny romantic comedy perfect for fans of Pride and PrejuRe headed east looking for a safe zone behind the rud Wall They're feeling pretty optimisticThat is until Dave Eat Slay PDF or stops sleeping and starts lifting huge objectsEat Slay LoveBecause they haven't got a prayer. This one had all the potential to get crazy Onlyit just never really did for me Now that said there is enough here to continue with the series for me I just felt a bit disappointed with this one I thought that it fell back on some of the weaknesses from the first book

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Two zombie apocalypse survivors search for a cure and fight the undead together in this inventive and darkly funny romantic comedy perfect for fans of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Sarah and David have survived the zo. Spolier Alert Do not read unless you’ve read the previous two books in the Living With The Dead seriesIf you’re familiar with some of my recent reviews you’ll know I’m a big fan of the Living With The Dead series So I was very excited to sink my teeth into no zombie pun intended Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen and read it in just a few daysPicking up where Flip This Zombie left off Sarah and David are making their way to the Midwest wall in hopes of passing off the vial of the cure they’ve procured But the journey is much easier said than done since they have to stick to local roads zombie and car crash filled highways are just too risky and find supplies along the way Sarah and David’s marriage which was rocky when we first met them is intact but Sarah has a sense of worry over losing David – who was bite but cured by a zombieHer fears aren’t irrational either Suddenly David is lifting nearly double his weight sleeping less and overall is a bit bad ass than before While Sarah struggles with this they end up saving a tabloid TV reporter who joins them on their trip to the wall to film it allJust when the three think they’ve left the crazy cults behind on the West Coast they run into one down south A shocking discovery is made about David in the process of their escape from the cult While Sarah fights to keep the secret of the cure from their TV reporter friend it becomes harder and harder Especially when a former rock legend now turned some what recovering addict joins them Now the four kick it into gear and aim to make it to the Midwest wall before any cults or zombies can get a hold of themThe last 50 pages or so are completely addicting and left me turning the pages at record speed to find out what happens While the ending gives a bit of closure enough so that I’m wondering if there will be a 4th Living With The Dead While Eat Slay Love could work as the final book I can’t help but want of Sarah and David’s adventures Heck I’d even read a “Life After Living With The Dead” book Who wouldn’t want to see Sarah back at work pulling a gun on a co worker who sneaks up on her Overall fans of Living With The Dead will find themselves loving Eat Slay Love Which in my opinon may just be the best book in the seriesBook Rating 1010

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Eat Slay LoveMbie apocalypse They stood side by side and fought the undead mad scientists and even bionic monsters until the unthinkable happened A zombie bite But not even that could stop them Now with a possible cure in hand they'. This was excellent I have come to enjoy the humor in this book and the witty comebacks A secure ready that you will finish in one sitting Now that David has been bitten and cured by a zombie they are on their way to deliver the cure Sarah is upset because David seems fine but he is super strong as a side effect I am glad that their marriage was saved by the Apocalypse I found the TV reporter a tad annoying but I loved the addition of the rock star So funny They run into another cult could you imagine That's all I'm spoiling Read