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READ ↠ Bullfighting ê ❰EPUB❯ ✸ Bullfighting Author Roddy Doyle – The Man Booker Prize winning author takes the pulse of modern Ireland with a masterful new collection of stories Roddy Doyle has earned a devoted following for his wry wit his uncanny ear and his abil The Man Booker Prize winning author takes The Man Booker Prize winning author takes the pulse of modern Ireland with a masterful new collection of stories Roddy Doyle has earned a devoted following for his wry wit his uncanny ear and his ability to fully capture the hearts of his characters Bullfighting his second collection of stories offers a series of bittersweet takes on men and middle age revealing a panorama of Ireland today Moving from classrooms to l. Roddy Doyle sure knows what goes on in the minds of straight white 40 something Dublin men because they're the protagonists in each one of the 13 stories in BullfightingApproaching midlife Doyle's men are slowing down taking stock facing mortality yet not going down without a fight – or at least a rant andor a jovial valedictory pint or two with their mates The jokey dialogue and stream of consciousness thoughts feel authentic but I wish there were variety After a while the characters and plots all blend togetherStill there are many stories I know I'll revisit like The Slave about a man whose discovery of a dead rat in his kitchen makes him uestion his worth; Funerals in which a man gets into the routine of taking his aging parents to their acuaintances' funerals; the title tale about a man who vacations with his pals in a rundown town in Spain; and Animals in which a loving father now unemployed looks back on all the pets he provided for his familyDoyle's techniue is masterful especially his use of flashbacks And the absence of lyrical epiphanies and contrived symbols is refreshing The title story's image of dazed and immobile bulls could stand for the confused men in the book struggling to keep up with the modern world but it's a subtle touchThis is the first Doyle book I've read but it won't be my last

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S children's many pets and his heartfelt effort to spare them grief when they died or disappeared The title story Bullfighting captures the mixture of bravado and helplessness of four friends who go off to Spain on holiday Sharply observed funny and moving these thirteen stories present a new vision of contemporary Ireland of its woes and triumphs and middle aged men trying to break out of the routines of their lives. You can breeze through this collection of Roddy Doyle short stories but why not take your time with each and savor the flavor of Dublin todayI love how Doyle has matured in his subject matter but kept his writing style You can almost imagine the boys from The Commitments are grown up and facing the challenges of middle age and beyondBullfighting has some funny funny dialogue between husbands and wives and the kind of banter between pals that will make you think Doyle sat at a bar recording conversations you and your friends might have had with an Irish twist of courseWhile the humor is the foam rising to the top of Doyle's literary brew there's the dark of a Guinness underlying the stories Loneliness second guessing one's life choices feeling of no value wondering about loving and especially fear about not being loved backDoyle also doesn't sugarcoat Ireland's unemployment problem; it's a recurring trait of his charactersBut the somber or melancholy tones are blended so nicely with the comedic slice of life vignettes that readers like Doyle's middle aged men tend to push the worries aside to laughAnd anyone who's ever buried a family pet will love the story titled Animals Catch this excerptThe animals always had decent elaborate burials Christian Hindu Humanist whatever bits of knowledge and shite the kids brought home from school wne t into the funerals George changed mobile phones not because he really wanted to but because he knew the boxes would come in handy it was always wise to have a coffin ready for the next dead bird or fishThe whole story is just as funny but the magic that Doyle saves for the end of Animals is worth the price of the entire book bz

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BullfightingOcal pubs to bullrings these tales feature an array of men taking stock and reliving past glories each concerned with loss in different ways of their place in the world of their power their virility health and love Recuperation follows a man as he sets off on his daily prescribed walk around his neighborhood the sights triggering recollections of his family and his younger days In Animals George recalls caring for hi. “Bullfighting” is a collection of short stories mostly about Irish men nearing or in their 50s I enjoyed the “voice” I heard in these different stories The men were different but they sounded similar approaching their aging with reflection And uite often calling something “grand” that really wasn’t “Grand” is an overused exclamation here but the situations described are anything but I listened to this on audio I enjoy hearing an Irish accent and the narration by Lorcan Cranitch was very good I also enjoy the melancholy in some Irish stories and they all seemed to have this I found this collection well worth my time