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Characters í The Unwanteds 100 Ý [Read] ➲ The Unwanteds By Lisa McMann – When Alex finds out he is Unwanted he expects to die That is the way of the people of uill Each year all the thirteen year olds are labeled as Wanted Necessary or Unwanted Wanteds get schooling and tr When Alex finds out he is Unwanted heLeave behind his twin Aaron a Wanted but he makes peace with his fate until he discovers that instead of a “death farm” what awaits him is a magical place called Artimé There Alex and his fellow Unwanteds are encouraged to cultivate their creative abilities and use them magically Everything Alex has ever known. Picked this up for my tween grad school project because I am asked for this series all the time at my job at the library But this turned out like The Lightning Thief for me and mehThis is just one of those books that ain't for me I gave it until 200 pages in and I'm DNFing with no rating because I just don't careFull review belowIn the land of uill there is a ceremony when its children turn thirteen; they are placed as Wanted Necessary and Unwanted The Wanteds go on to higher level important positions The Necessaries become the laborers And the Unwanteds are sent to be terminated Alex and Aaron are twins and on the day they are sorted Aaron is chosen as a Wanted and Alex an Unwanted Alex leaves his twin behind and accepts his fate that is until he and the other Unwanteds discover that they are not to be terminated but to live and thrive in a magical new land with all of the other Unwanteds Here they are expected to be creative pursue their art and learn battle training But as time goes by the Unwanteds discover their safe haven is under threat and they have to fight to save itThis book started off extremely morbid and did not strike me as tween at first Thirteen year olds being sent off to die because they built a stick house or sang a tune It felt pretty extreme Once the plot developed into Artime the magical land it made sense in a way There had to be a force brought in for all of the creative children to improve uill itself reminded me of a mix of Pleasantville combined with the world in The Giver with a dictator like President Snow from the Hunger Games series I can see how tweens would love this book because the attributes that make them uniue are celebrated in this book in the world of Artime where they can sing and dance and act all day long with the added element of magic being involved The land of uill to me somewhat represented the oppression of the strict classroom where one is punished for being created Artime is a dream world that every tween would daydream about if it really existed The twin bond was an interesting addition making the story a bit uniue than the typical fantasy jaunt Even though Alex and Aaron are obviously very different from each other they still love each other and feel that special bond that twins seem to have and it made for a good conflict in the plot Lisa McMann is a great writer and she seems to have a knack for sucking tweens into her books

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Changes before his eyes and it’s a wondrous transformation But it’s a rare uniue occurrence for twins to be divided between Wanted and Unwanted and as Alex and Aaron's bond stretches across their separation a threat arises for the survival of Artim that will pit brother against brother in an ultimate magical batt. May I just say how clever the premise for this book is Everyone with a single ounce of creativity is Unwanted and executed and everyone who's athletic or intelligent stay and are deemed Wanted That is single handedly the most clever premise I've read in a long time That's true fantasy a whole world spawned from just a single uestion McMann doesn't fall flat of what I expected from this wonderful idea In fact I didn't even know what this was going to be about until I read the Introduction I was engrossedAnd also may I say how big and how unexpected of a switch up this is from McMann's normal stuff paranormal romance I know I feel like this is a completely different author here because her paranormal books are written in such short edgy gripping sentences and this book is written in vivid languid fluid prose that just jumps off the page and into your head I can't say which I like better because in her paranormal stuff you're just constantly flipping pages and you're haunted by the story but in this middle grade fantasy novel you're just completely entranced by the beautiful language and you can't stop readingNo matter what I officially present McMann the Most Versatile Author Award I just made that On a complete whim Seriously though How can you not agree with me Freakin' polar opposites here and she can do 'em both That takes some serious writing mojoThis has to be the most creative book I've ever read McMann doesn't fall short of my expectations which I appreciate to the fullest extent The ending of this book is totally open ended so you really have no idea of knowing whether or not this will be a series Honestly I'd just prefer this to be a stand alone but I'm open to another book or three of THE UNWANTEDSGripping and languid THE UNWANTEDS is McMann's most creative book yet with a premise to die for; I was uickly engrossed into Alex's world of misery and new hope and when I reached the end I was deeply saddened saddened that is by the fact that I'm left hanging with no seuel within reach I strongly recommend you pick this up

Characters The Unwanteds

The UnwantedsWhen Alex finds out he is Unwanted he expects to die That is the way of the people of uill Each year all the thirteen year olds are labeled as Wanted Necessary or Unwanted Wanteds get schooling and train to join the uillitary Necessaries keep the farms running Unwanteds are set for elimination It’s hard for Alex to. So my 8 year old nephew LOVED this book He loved it so much that he graciously loaned me his copy of both this and the next in series yay He moved to this series after blowing through all of the Harry Potter books and several Rick Riordan series So this book is definitely a good match for any kids who are into the action and magic of those sorts of books My thoughts though Maybe not so generousI struggled a LOT to get into this book In fact it has taken me nearly 10 months to finish this one and it was only in the last uarter of the book or so that things got interesting enough that I actually looked forward to picking this up I do have to say that the world building here is pretty cool a lot of the magic is really awesome and when things finally got going the action near the end is phenomenalI think part of my problem with this book is that I couldn't figure out which reading level this targets Although the main cast of characters are said to be around 13 most of the time they act like kids who are 9 or 10 doing the stupid and naive things that kids of that age tend to do But every now and then there's a hint of awkward first love stuff I don't really understand why there needed to be any romance even just hints of it in this book The characters and writing style all seem much suited to a slightly younger reader but the book length some darker material and the addition of romance ugh seem to target an upper middle grade or pre YA reader I dunno I think I would have liked this a lot better if it weren't so long and I think some of the length could have been trimmed just by getting rid of puppy love scenes and some of the repetitive sulking scenesBy the end I liked the book enough that I am not dreading reading the second book Had this not been recommended by my nephew I likely would have DNF'd this and I don't regret having stuck with it But overall I didn't like this enough to give it than 3 stars