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SUMMARY ¼ Blood Rites Ø ➫ Blood Rites Read ➳ Author Jim Butcher – For Harry Dresden Chicago's only professional wizard there have been worse assignments than going undercover on the set of an adult film Dodging flaming monkey poo for instance Or going toe to leaf wi For Harry Dresden Chicago's only professional wiFor Harry Dresden Chicago's only professional wizard there have been worse assignments than going undercover on the set of an adult film Dodging flaming monkey poo for instance Or going toe to leaf with a walking plant monster Still there is something troubling than usual about his newest case The f. Stick a fork in me folksI’m done My relationship with the Dresden Files has officially hit rock bottom This is one review I've been dreading to write both because A LOT of my friends passionately love these books and because there are so many aspects of the series that are praise worthy and enjoyable The world building is terrific the magic system is well constructed and there are host of likeable supporting characters such as Thomas Kincaid Bob Michael Ebenezerjust to name a few All of these are people I like hanging out with It's justwell let me finish first with the positivesIn each of the previous 5 books Butcher concocted a uality supernatural mysteries that for lack of a better word worked This one is no exception It’s clever fast paced and generally makes sense enough to keep the reader engaged Plus Butcher has a knack for great opening scenes and this may be the best one yet with Harry going toe to furry toe with a pack of demon monkeys flinging steaming hell poo while Dresden fights back with magic and witty one liners That kind of shit no pun is what makes this series funOkay Big sighhere's the PROBLEM IjustHATEHarry The guy drives me seven different kinds of crazy In this one he finally found my last nerve at which point he proceeded to twist it strip it soak it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze This blossoming Harry issue stems from two main sources First I don’t find Harry’s pathological protectiveness of women to be ingratiating or chivalrous uite the oppostive I find it irritating self aggrandizing and chauvinisticin the EXTREME “Call me a Neanderthal if you like but I get real irrational about bad things happening to women” If he were to have said something like that once or twice in the earlier novels and then let it go I think I would have been okay with it But it's a message repeated ad nauseam in each book and delivered with a shout IN YOUR FACE No matter what the rational part of my head thinks when I see someone hurt a woman my inner gigantopithicus wants to reach for the nearest bone and go Kubrickian on someone’s head Beyond his attitude towards women the other burr in my tuckus is Harry’s holier than thouness and his condescending moral superiority Over time this has bothered me and and has finally reached the point of “too much” On at least two occasions in this novel once with Thomas and once with Ebenezer Harry gets a major judgmental on when someone reveals themselves to be less than stainless in the virtue department His over the top reactions especially with Ebenezer made me irk all over Now there’s nothing wrong with white hat heroes fighting the good fight but I guess I like my good guys with a little edge and a few warts That’s just a personal preference but I like a little “anti” with my hero Give me Batman over Superman Clint Eastwood over Roy Rogers and Snake Plissken over Robin Hood In the end I just started experiencing diminishing returns when comparing the things I liked about the series with my growing disenchantmentirritation with Harry Thus as much as I regret all of the clever interesting world building and magical marvels I’ll be missing in the subseuent Dresden books I just think the hurdles to my enjoyment have become too highand too mighty 25 stars

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Ilm's producer believes he's the target of a sinister entropy curse but it's the women around him who are dying in increasingly spectacular waysHarry is doubly frustrated because he got involved with this bizarre mystery only as a favor to Thomas his flirtatious self absorbed vampire acuaintance of. In this entry in The Dresden Files the vampire Thomas asks Harry to help his friend an adult film maker People keep dying on set and Thomas thinks its magic relatedPart mystery part comedy and 100 percent wizard I think Blood Rites is one of the best in the series so far I was agreeing to help him and taking a job just as though Thomas were any other client It probably wasn't the smartest thing I'd ever done It had the potential to lead to lethally unhealthy decisions pg 17As usual Harry can't seem to get his life together long enough to get anything done He runs from crisis to crisis But he's become self aware enough to realize what he's doing My worry and tension slowly grew and as they did I took a perverse comfort in the familiar emotions It actually felt good to feel my survival instincts put me on guard against premature mortality Hell's bells Is that insane or what pg 93We learn a lot about Harry's personal life in this story The hardest lesson a wizard has to learn is that even with so much power there are some things you can't control No matter how much you want to pg 353And we also get to meet a shady character or two from his pastHighly recommended for urban fiction fans


Blood RitesDubious integrity Thomas has a personal stake in the case Harry can't uite figure out until his investigation leads him straight to Thomas' oversexed vampire family Harry is about to discover that Thomas' family tree has been hiding a shocking secret a revelation that will change Harry's life foreve. Full review now postedIt’s a thankless job being Chicago’s only professional wizard But it’s what Harry Dresden signed up for and he is up to the challenge Usually But for someone always so swamped with work the poor man never has two uarters to rub together That lack of funds always ends up getting him in trouble whether because of the jobs he takes to get some cash or because he ends up owing some sketchy people moneyThis book opens with Dresden rescuing puppies from demonic purple flying monkeys No really Demonic purple flying monkeys that hurl incendiary poo And can join forces to create one giant purple King Kong demon Needless to say the beginning was hilarious One of the puppies the one that manages to sneak his way into Dresden’s life is the cutest thing ever I can’t wait to get of him in future booksLater in the book Dresden helps an adult film maker dodge a curse targeting the women on set as a favor to Thomas the sexy White Court vampire that always has his back for some unexplained reason The curse is completely wonky Seriously someone got taken out by a frozen turkey that fell out of an airplane There are freaky Black Court vampires on the hunt for Dresden and during all of this other craziness Harry gets some family bombshells dropped on him Lots of stuff goes downHere is my problem with the Dresden Files; the writing is just so scattered Butcher writes an entertaining story but when he’s trying to bring plot points together things just fall apart for some reason I can see where Butcher is trying to go with the story and I can follow what he’s getting at but the writing itself doesn’t convey the plot twists in any kind of concise manner Are these five star uality books No Will I continue to read them when I need a break from denser better written books Yes Because Dresden might not be the best written book series on the market but it sure is fun