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Read È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í W. Somerset Maugham Im to the heart of a cholera epidemic Stripped of the British society of her youth and the small but effective society she fought so hard to attain in Hong Kong she is compelled by her The. ”They saw the white china knob of the handle slowly turn They had heard no one walk along the verandah It was terrifying to see that silent motion A minute passed and there was no sound Then with the ghastliness of the supernatural in the same stealthy noiseless and horrifying manner they saw the white china knob of the handle at the window turn also Kitty her nerves failing her opened her mouth to scream; but seeing what she was going to do he swiftly put his hand over it and her cry was smothered in his fingers”When Kitty accepts the marriage proposal of Dr Walter Fane it sets off a chain of events that land them both in the middle of a cholera epidemic in Mei Tan Fu China Kitty is uickly leaving behind her debuttante years and is fast approaching an old maid status It isn’t for lack of marriage proposals She has plenty She just enjoys being the center of attention for all men rather than being confined to the servitude of one When her younger sister the much less attractive sister lands a baronet the pressure on her to be married becomes very real Dr Walter Fane is not a fool but he is a complete fool when it comes to his love of this beautiful bobble of girl who has never had to have a serious thought in her life Even intelligent people can be blind in the ways of love He knows Kitty doesn’t love him He knows why she is desperately marrying him and yet he must have believed that given time he can convince her that he is worth loving Kitty can not respect his love for her Infatuation has always come easily for her She has smoldering eyes and a lithe figure that drives men to distraction ”What was it in the human heart that made you despise a man because he loved you” That has been a uestion that has been asked for hundreds of years if not thousands What I have ascertained from the minefield of women that I’ve known is that a woman must not like herself very much to despise a man who loves her It is sad that she considers him to be a fool to marry such a woman as she Kitty accepts his proposal impulsively She despises his fawning attentions She has therefore never invested any emotion or even thought into the relationship He takes her to Hong Kong where he works as a bacteriologist There she meets Charlie Townsend who intuitively senses the vulnerability in their relationship He is charming fit and knows the right string of words to whisper in a silly unhappy girl’s ear Kitty is a fool and she can’t for the life of her understand why Walter can’t see it The resulting scandal which starts with the turning of the white china knob on the door turns out to be an embarrassing affair for all parties involved as these things tend to do Walter gives Kitty a choice but as it turns out she has only one choice which is to follow him to Mei Tan Fu ”It means death Absolutely certain death” Whenever I pick up a W Somerset Maugham book I know I am in for a whirlwind ride fraught with betrayal emotional upheaval human frailty selfishness and aspects of malice He explores the dark corners of our lives that are whispered about in alcoves at parties and in shadowed doorways off of street corners Those things about us that we hope no one knows but we have a fearful inclination spurred by our own guilt that everyone knows The best solution to any scandal in my opinion is to brazen it out and wait for another scandal to come along to move your problems from the front page to the back page of the gossip mill One must screw up occasionally so that everyone else feels better about themselves It would be rather rude to be perfectly good all the time A masterpiece exploring the frivolous ways in which lives can be ruined If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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The Painted Veil characters õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù ❮Read❯ ➪ The Painted Veil Author W. Somerset Maugham – Set in England and Hong Kong in the 1920s The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful but love starved Kitty FaneWhen her husband discovers her adulterous affair he Painted MOBI #233 awakening conscience to reassess her life and learn how to love The Painted Veil is a beautifully written affirmation of the human capacity to grow to change and to forgiv. The Painted Veil is a remarkable golden oldie Published in 1925 for the first time it had slightly different approach to stories in the sense that the author punched a good story into 246 pages and said with his economy of words than 1000 page novels FROM THE BLURB Less known than his masterpiece Of Human Bondage this 1925 Somerset Maugham novel rips at your emotions with its portrayal of an adulterous wife When the bacteriologist husband of Kitty Fane learns of her infidelity he forces her to accompany him into the festering center of a Chinese cholera epidemic The author explained in the foreword that the book was based on a story rather than characters While living in Italy and receiving Italian lessons his tutor Ersilia introduced him to the fifth canto of the inferno La Pia Ante Purgatory Purgatorio 5 Siena made me Maremma unmade me 5134 This chillingly concise phrase tells us that the speaker here is Pia Tolomei born to a noble family of Siena this woman was allegedly killed in 1295 on the orders of her husband Paganello de' Pannocchieschi Nello a Tuscan leader of the guelphs owned a castle in the Maremma the coastal region near Siena While some say the murder took place with such secrecy that its manner was never known others claim Nello ordered a servant to take Pia by the feet and drop her from the castle window A motive for the murder may have been Nello's desire to marry his neighbor a widowed countess Pia's concern for Dante's well being and her reuest to be remembered perhaps recall the courtesy displayed by another woman Francesca in the fifth canto of the Inferno W Somerset Maugham used this story to plot his own novel playing itself out in England and Hong Kong The main character is the love starved spoiled young woman Kitty Fane Forced into marriage by circumstances she lands up going to China with her new husband Dr Walter Fane a bacteriologist who was stationed in Hong Kong Kitty was vain loved to laugh and play and found her new husband boring and sometimes disgusting It wasn't long before she started an affair fell head over heels in love and believed that she has found the real meaning of love When Walter confronted her he gave her an ultimatum Either to go with him to Meitan fu a cholera region where an epidemic broke out the worst one in fifty years or he files for a divorce The condition was that Charles Townsend her lover should confirm in writing that he would divorce his wife and marry Kitty with Charles's wife confirming in writing that she will divorce Charles If Walter's conditions were not met Kitty would have to accompany him on his journey to avoid a scandalWalter 'I’m afraid you’ve thought me a bigger fool than I am’ She did not uite know what to say She was undecided whether indignantly to assert her innocence or to break out into angry reproaches He seemed to read her thoughts'I had no illusions about you’ he said ‘I knew you were silly and frivolous and empty headed But I loved you I knew that your aims and ideals were vulgar and common place But I loved you I knew that you were second rate But I loved you It’s comic when I think how hard I tried to be amused by the things that amused you and how anxious I was to hide from you that I wasn’t ignorant and vulgar and scandal mongering and stupid I knew how frightened you were of intelligence and I did everything I could to make you think me as big a fool as the rest of the men you knew I knew that you’d only married me for convenience I loved you so much I didn’t care Most people as far as I can see when they’re in love with some one and the love isn’t returned feel that they have a grievance They grow angry and bitter I wasn’t like that I never expected you to love me I didn’t see any reason that you should I never thought myself very lovable I was thankful to be allowed to love you and I was enraptured when now and then thought you were pleased with me or when I noticed in your eyes a gleam of good humoured affection I tried not to bore you with my love; I know I couldn't afford to do that and I was always on the lookout for the first sign that you were impatient with my affection What most husbands expect as a right I was prepared to receive as a favor'The implication was that Walter would not kill her as in the Purgatorio of Dante but take her to a region where she might die of a terrible disease By stating the conditions he knew Kitty was to learn a few lessons she would never forget That was as far as the plot was based on the fith canto of the Inferno The title was derived from an unfinished sonnet of Shelley Lift not the painted veil which those who live call LifeW Somerset Maugham's story had a twist to it which resulted in Kitty growing up discover the meaning of life and love and repent for everything she did that caused her and everyone around her harm Her greatest victory was to call Charles the most vain and fatuous ass that was her bad luck to ever come across But to reach that point she had to learn from four French nuns in a convent for orphans what love really meant And she got to know her gentle kind husband who were admired by everyone except her The denouement is not what you think This is a lovestory and not a lovestory It's about love and all its definitions And for me it was a tribute to the role of different kind of men playing a role in a woman's life The ending was sad darnit I was beyond grieving but accepted the realism of it And it was positive uite an unusual story A beautiful one really

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The Painted VeilSet in England and Hong Kong in the s The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful but love starved Kitty FaneWhen her husband discovers her adulterous affair he forces her to accompany h. It had been a long time since I read one of the classics When I saw 'The Painted Veil' on sale at Audiblecom I thought it would be a nice change of pace I wasn't wrong This book proved to be far better than I expected'The Painted Veil' is set in England and China taking place in the 1920's It is a story of love betrayal revenge and redemption I definitely wasn't prepared for some of the twists and turns that this story took but I enjoyed every minuteKitty Fane moved to Hong Kong with her husband Walter An incredibly intelligent man Walter is also socially awkward He loves Kitty but is rather unapproachable and aloof Eventually Walter grew on me but he isn't the type of warm fuzzy character that you bond with immediately From the start it is made very clear that he is head over heels in love with his wifeLikewise it is immediately evident that Kitty does not return the sentiment Kitty is beautiful vain and shallower than a kiddie pool While Walter married for love she makes not ifs ands or buts about the fact that she did not It is clear that she married Walter solely so that she would not be one upped by her younger sister's upcoming nuptials In fact Kitty seems to loathe Walterat least initiallySo it was no big surprise that Kitty spent her days in the arms of the charming and also married Charles Townsend while Walter was busy at work No doubt the dumb twit was just the most recent in what was bound to be a long line of extramarital conuests for Charles Stupid Kitty believed that he was as in love with her as she was with him Poor foolUnlike his wife Walter has no illusions He knew that Kitty didn't love him the way he loved her but he wanted her so badly that he was willing to marry her anyway He may have known that she didn't love him but he did expect for her to be faithfulWhen he discovers her adultery he gives Kitty an option He will grant her a divorce if Charles will agree in writing to divorce his wife and marry Kitty immediately thereafter Or Kitty can accompany Walter into rural China where he has accepted a job assisting with the medical management of the cholera epidemic Of course Walter already knows exactly how this will work out Kitty seems to be the only one surprised by Charles' duplicityI have to say that Walter had a special place in my heart I love stories with darker themes and am drawn to anti heroes There was something so sinister and calculating about Walter that really drew me to him Kitty was right to be afraid of her husband even as she knew that he loved her Walter was kind of a scary guy Arriving in the small village it is immediately apparent that Kitty is being punished for her transgressions Walter keeps her at a distance and is cold at best It becomes clear to Kitty that Walter is seeking revenge using cholera to commit a passive murdersuicide It was sick It was twisted It was goddamn brilliantThe time she spent in the village the Kitty came to see the error of her ways For the first time Kitty grew to appreciate her husband and even admire him Though she never really fell in love with him she finally felt shame and remorse for her actionsAs much as I disliked Kitty at the onset of this book she grew on me I came to see her as an imperfect human a product of her privileged upbringing and societal expectations Similarly I came to see some of Walter's flaws He wasn't entirely a victim as I believed early onI can't say that there is one moral of the story that really stands out to me with the book There were many This book was a beautiful albeit heartbreaking account of the human experienceAlthough this isn't my usual type of story I enjoyed it immensely There were plenty of twists and turns along the way that I didn't see coming Early on I thought I had it all worked out in my head but I was sooo wrong This story did not pan out the way I had envisioned but it was strangely fitting for this coupleOverall I thought that this was a wonderful book It isn't a particularly happy or uplifting read but it was great in and of it's own accord This is one that will definitely hang with me for a while I highly recommend it